Full Speed USB Isolator

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The Serqet family of projects are designed to isolate your host and slave devices. The Serqet_FS_U is a low speed (1.5Mbps) and full speed (12Mbps) USB isolator based on the Analog Devices ADuM3160 USB isolator and optional Recom Power R1SE-0505-R isolated DC-Dc convertor.

Hardware Revision 00

The board features two jumpers which have to be set to the same speed, either LS or FS, before plugging it in. It’s designed to fit in the Hammond 1551S housing.

Serqet_FS_U_00_TOP Serqet_FS_U_00_BOT

Serqet_FS_U_00_Proto1 Serqet_FS_U_00_Proto2

Hardware Revision 01

In version 01 we removed the unnecessary resitors and rebranded the board to Serqet.

Serqet_FS_U_01_TOP Serqet_FS_U_01_BOT