Small Belgian company that does contract and open-source work for hire.

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Gert Van Gool
Gert van Gool
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Wim Van Gool

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FabLab Leuven
FabLab Leuven
Fri3d Camp
Fri3d Camp
Sputnik Media
Sputnik Media
Dementia Lab
Dementia Lab


Team Scheire - Maarten Weyn

An Arduino compatible board which was used during the opening credits of the Belgian TV show Team Scheire. TEAM_SCHEIRE_MAARTEN

Raspberry Pi PCM5102A DAC

Small sized Raspberry Pi compatible DAC so you can easily get high quality audio from the Pi. RPI_FEZ_DAC_PCM5102A

16Ch PWM Power

16 powerful PWM channels with an I2C interface. 16CH_PWM_POWER_00

Mini-Ph0xx, The Fri3d Camp solder challenge

A kid friendly solderchallenge made for the Mini Makerfaire in Gent of which a thousand where soldered by attendees. FRI3D_Mini_Ph0xx

Ph0xx, The Fri3d Camp Badge of 2018

A badge based around the ESP32 for Fri3d Camp 2018. FRI3D_CAMP_BADGE_2018_TOP

Raspberry Pi Zero LED Ring

A metal core LED ring that fits the RPi Zero and Rpi Camera. RPI_ZERO_LED_RING_00_TOP


Low Speed and Full Speed USB Isolator. Serqet_FS_U_01_TOP


A low cost, easy to use FM radio. AUDIO_FM_LC_01_TOP

Raspberry Pi Hat Flash

A flash ring for your Raspberry Pi. RPI_HAT_FLASH_00

Raspberry Pi Hat Amplifier

A Class-D amplifier for your Raspberry Pi RPI_HAT_AMP_01


DIY Kit to use for a soldering workshop with kids. FABLAB_BADGE_01


DIY kit for an USB powered vibration robot. FABLAB_BOT_01


An ESP12 based RGBW light module ESP12_RGBW_01_T


A development board for the ESP12 and ESP12E WiFi modules. ESP12_DEV_01


Simple patch PCB for through hole or SMD headers HDR_PATCH_00