Small Belgian company that does contract and open-source work for hire.

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Gert Van Gool
Gert van Gool
Wim Van Gool
Wim Van Gool

Some of our clients and partners

Dementia Lab
Dementia Lab
Fri3d Camp
Fri3d Camp
Sputnik Media
Sputnik Media


Team Scheire - Maarten Weyn

An Arduino compatible board which was used during the opening credits of the Belgian TV show Team Scheire. TEAM_SCHEIRE_MAARTEN

Raspberry Pi PCM5102A DAC

Small sized Raspberry Pi compatible DAC so you can easily get high quality audio from the Pi. RPI_FEZ_DAC_PCM5102A

16Ch PWM Power

16 powerful PWM channels with an I2C interface. 16CH_PWM_POWER_00

Mini-Ph0xx, The Fri3d Camp solder challenge

A kid friendly solderchallenge made for the Mini Makerfaire in Gent of which a thousand where soldered by attendees. FRI3D_Mini_Ph0xx

Ph0xx, The Fri3d Camp Badge of 2018

A badge based around the ESP32 for Fri3d Camp 2018. FRI3D_CAMP_BADGE_2018_TOP

Raspberry Pi Zero LED Ring

A metal core LED ring that fits the RPi Zero and Rpi Camera. RPI_ZERO_LED_RING_00_TOP


Low Speed and Full Speed USB Isolator. Serqet_FS_U_01_TOP


A low cost, easy to use FM radio. AUDIO_FM_LC_01_TOP

Raspberry Pi Hat Flash

A flash ring for your Raspberry Pi. RPI_HAT_FLASH_00

Raspberry Pi Hat Amplifier

A Class-D amplifier for your Raspberry Pi RPI_HAT_AMP_01


DIY Kit to use for a soldering workshop with kids. FABLAB_BADGE_01


DIY kit for an USB powered vibration robot. FABLAB_BOT_01


An ESP12 based RGBW light module ESP12_RGBW_01_T


A development board for the ESP12 and ESP12E WiFi modules. ESP12_DEV_01


Simple patch PCB for through hole or SMD headers HDR_PATCH_00